we create

new value from textile
industry sidestreams


our platfrom enables:


100% traceability of your productions sidestreams


100% accurate data of your performance


100 % utilisation of materials in a closed loop


The Problem

Textile industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. All actors, big and small have a significant role to solve the sustainability challenges of the industry. New ideas, experiments and ways of working are needed not only in the end of cycle (recycling), but also upstream in the production process.

The Platform

The idea of Sideflow was born from a personal realization of how much material is lost already in the early phase of a textile production. Our mission is create a circular platform to transform sidestreams and deadstock into a new flow of value, for your business and the environment.


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Kia Nyqvist | COO

Corporate Collaborations
Sustainable Textile Production

+358 40 559 9941